TN277: Finding your own rhythm while generating real revenue

Although this is the final episode of a series called ‘The Slow Challenge,’ what we will cover today is at the core of what a portable business allows you to do and why I am passionate about helping you grow a successful portable business.

In fact, for too long, entrepreneurs have been taught that they need to work hard and sacrifice everything – including their wellbeing – to grow a successful business.

This is simply not true. If you design your business with intention and implement the right strategies mindfully, you can run your business at your rhythm and align it with your lifestyle.

You don’t need to work hard to generate real revenue, but what you need is to be committed to making real revenue.

Here are some key principles to focus on if you truly want to build a sustainable business that works for you.

What you will learn:

  • The unexpected side effects and opportunities of slowing down
  • The important distinctions to make so you don’t lose sight of your goals
  • The key principles you need to focus on to run a business at your rhythm while generating real revenue

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