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Hi! This is Amel Derragui

I am a global citizen, business and marketing strategist, speaker and host of the podcast, “The Time is Now”.

My mission is to empower solopreneurs, small business owners and changemakers through a transformative journey built on these three key pillars:



Step into your full power to become the go-to expert in your field and grow your visibility. Build a meaningful business that provides you with continuous revenue growth, freedom and fulfillment.



Align your business model, marketing strategies and processes with who you are, your values, your lifestyle and your needs to reach ambitious goals without sacrificing your well-being.



Scale your level of impact to make a difference. Leverage your know-how to share your message with the world and create the change you want to see in your community or your industry.

What I sell are transformative consulting, training, coaching and speaking services in business and marketing strategies.

What I deliver is the clarity, personalized action plan and guidance to take action and make your vision a reality (find details here).


While I am obsessed with building effective processes and structures, making work fun and celebrating each step of the way is ingrained in my every day philosophy.

In my work, I also advocate for women and youth empowerment through entrepreneurship. I am honored to collaborate with international organizations, such as the World Food Program, in their efforts for sustainable change through entrepreneurship. I also have the privilege of sharing my story and mission on various stages and media platforms, such as Forbes Magazine.

Born in India to Algerian parents and Austrian by marriage, I identify as a global citizen. I started my first entrepreneurial journey for social impact when I was fourteen years old and living in Uganda (find my story here).

After a corporate career in sales and advertising in both France and the United States, I launched my portable business in 2010 as a marketing consultant for global organizations, which allowed me to move with my husband from one country to another every couple of years for his job. It also gave me more freedom with my time while building my own source of revenue and fulfillement.


Six year later, I decided to share what I learned from this experience. I launched the podcast and digital platform Tandem Nomads to empower expat spouses like me to turn the dual-career challenges they experience while on the move into successful portable businesses. The podcast has been ranked at #1 in the expat category for 5 years in a row.

My proven framework to build a successful portable business, the 3C system™ : Clarity, Consistency, Conversion, has since helped hundreds of solopreneurs and small business owners start, grow or scale their businesses around the world. With the increasing interest in remote work, my audience has grown beyond the expat community. Therefore, in November 2023, I renamed the podcast 'The Time Is Now' and decided to run my business under my personal brand, Amel Derragui.

Learn more about what is behind my motto 'The Time is Now':


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