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Hi! I am Amel Derragui

I am a global citizen, business and marketing strategist, founder of Tandem Nomads, speaker and host of the podcast “The Time is Now”.

Here is a little overview of the story that brought me here today:


I am Austrian by marriage, born in India to Algerian parents and raised in Serbia, Algeria and Uganda. My mother tongues are English and French, I also can communicate in Arabic, German, Serbian and Spanish. When I turned sixteen, I moved on my own to France and then to various states throughout America. I studied and built my career in both countries, first in sales and then in the advertising industry. A few years later, I gave up my corporate career to join my husband abroad and built my business while moving every couple of years from one country to another (Iran, Austria, back to America and probably elsewhere soon).


At the age of fourteen I started my first social entrepreneurial venture at my school in Uganda. The hardships, discrimination and global conflicts I got to experience first hand while living around the world showed me that entrepreneurship is not only an amazing way to create wealth and grow personally, but also a powerful vehicle for making the positive difference we want to see in the world.

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I carried this belief with me and tried to implement it in every job I had while developing my experience, whether I was selling encyclopedias door-to-door in the Utah desert, recruiting and training my sales team, leading non-profit initiatives or managing national advertising campaigns across France.

Amel Derragui Uganda


When I made the scary decision to quit my dream career and follow my husband to Iran, I made another decision to start my own business as a consultant, helping corporate companies grow their visibility while making an impact in their communities. I continued to grow the business while moving from one country to another every couple of years.

Six years later, I launched the podcast Tandem Nomads to share what I learned from this journey and empower expat spouses around the world to turn their dual-career challenges into successful portable businesses. Once the podcast started to grow in popularity, I decided to shut down my corporate consulting business and focus on developing the Tandem Nomads brand with online training and coaching programs to help as many expat spouses around the world as possible build their own source of fulfillment and financial independence.

Tandem Nomads


Since the launch of Tandem Nomads in 2015, the world has evolved rapidly. With the increasing interest in remote work, my audience has grown beyond the expat community. Therefore, in November 2023, I renamed the podcast “The Time Is Now” and decided to run my main business under my personal brand, Amel Derragui.

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of solopreneurs and small business owners start or grow their businesses. I have also delivered various trainings and keynotes for global organizations such as the International Monetary Fund Family Association, the Foreign Ministry of the Kingdom of Belgium and the World Food Program on the topics of entrepreneurship, impact marketing and women’s empowerment.

While the business has evolved a lot from the outside, from the inside, it has always been about the same thing, no matter if I am working with expats, individuals, small businesses or international organizations:

Empowering people, particularly women and changemakers, to live up to their full potential through entrepreneurship and make the world a better place.

Hence my motto:

"The time is now to turn challenges into opportunities!"

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