TN212: Breaking the taboos about entrepreneurs’ mental health – With Erin Long

Five years after her first episode on Tandem Nomads, Erin Long is back to share her incredible success story and how her company has developed into a business where she is not even needed anymore.

That could be the end of the story, but the truth is that even the greatest successes come with challenges that no-one really talks about, even though so many entrepreneurs experience them.

“Take care of your brain and well-being just like any other part of your body.”

In this episode, I want to shine the light on an important topic that is rarely spoken about – the mental health challenges that a lot of small business owners and solopreneurs experience.

Erin and I have become friends over the years, and this episode is a heart-to-heart conversation between two friends and two business peers. In fact, we both experienced some tough times in the past year and are still working through it while growing our businesses.

Erin shares so generously and with real authenticity the personal struggles she has faced despite her success, such as loss of motivation, purpose and direction, and how she managed to overcome her mental health challenges to continue to thrive in her journey.

Erin Long is an American and a certified speech therapist. She quit her job to join her husband who works for the US Foreign Service and went to live with her family on a global nomadic life through Mexico, Brazil, Serbia and Bosnia so far. While moving from one country to another she had the brilliant idea to start online speech therapy services, Worldwide Speech, to help the English native speaking community around the world, particularly expat children. She created her company Worldwide Speech and became a certified practitioner by the American Telemedicine Association in telepractice. For the last decade, Erin has become a leader in teletherapy within the speech-pathology community influencing teletherapy policy and training programs.

To discover Erin’s first episode on Tandem Nomads and learn about how she started this business, click here.

What You Will Learn

  • What has happened to Erin and her business since her first interview
  • What challenges she has experienced along the way
  • What lessons she has learned and the things she continues to work on

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