TN202: Dealing with the “negative” emotions that stop you in your business – With Gabriela Encina

So much of an entrepreneur’s success in business depends on having the right mindset. You cannot separate your emotional and mental wellbeing from your ability to grow and develop your business.

Big emotions like fear and anger or feeling lonely can hold us back in our business and in our lives. Often we think of these as ‘negative. In this week’s episode, psychologist, coach and expat Gabriela Encina explains how acknowledging and even celebrating these emotions can stop them from holding us back.

“Emotions are not negative or positive and they should all be celebrated.”

Gabriela Encina is a licensed psychologist, MSc in Psychology and certified coach, with more than 18 years of professional experience. She provides counseling and coaching, helping

more than 300 expats from all around the world to cope with the challenges that expat life

can bring. Being an expat herself, she can understand what their clients are going through and provide them with the help and guidance they need to live a fulfilling life abroad, build meaningful relationships and reduce stress and anxiety.

Gabriela is an advocate of difficult emotions, as all are useful and providers of information, and speaks the truth about the B-Side of Expat Life.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify the emotions that might be slowing you down in your business
  • How to embrace and process those emotions to develop the right mindset for growth
  • How to communicate with others who might be experiencing these challenges but not realizing them

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