TN46: From Therapist to Nomad Entrepreneur with Erin Long.

Erin Long is an American and a certified speech therapist. She quit her job to join her husband who works for the Foreign services and went to live with her family in both Mexico and Brazil. Today she lives in Serbia. While moving from one country to another she had the brilliant idea to start online speech therapy services, World Wide Speech, to help the English native speaking community around the world; particularly expat children. She created her company Worldwide Speech and became a certified practitioner by the American Telemedicine Association in telepractice. For the last five years, she has become a leader in teletherapy within the speech-pathology community influencing teletherapy policy and training programs.

Glimpse on Erin’s insights in this episode:

  • How she went from being a speech therapist to building a real business.
  • The lessons she learned to build the right team and grow her business.
  • The legal aspects she had to take care of to protect herself and her business.
  • The steps and technologies she adopted to make her business portable.

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