The 3 pillars of working with intention toward your goals

For me, goals are a big part of how I work. Seeing what I want to achieve mapped out ahead of me helps me stay focused on the big picture and plan for how to get there.

But I know setting goals doesn’t come easy for everyone. You may set too many, which leads to confusion and overwhelm later on, or you may struggle to narrow down your targets.

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To limit any unnecessary pressure that could impact your well-being, I recommend changing up how you approach goals. Think of them instead as intentions, and focus your efforts on showing up regularly for your business to keep moving forward one step at a time.

How do you do that?

In order to work intentionally towards your goals, there are three key pillars I have identified that will help you stay on track:


Being clear about your “big why” is essential to keep moving your business forward. You need to know exactly what you are offering, how it serves your clients and where you want to take your business in order to make a strategic plan and turn it into a reality. Without that clarity around your goals, you can become overwhelmed or overextend yourself by trying too many things at once, compromising your priorities and losing that alignment between your lifestyle and your business.


Like I always say, your business should work for you, not the other way around. How you manage your time outside of your working hours is just as important as what you do each day to support your business. Looking after your mental and physical well-being will help you be more productive and also balance all of the other things that are important to you in your life. For me, adding a yoga practice to my morning routine has been a game changer (even if I struggled to get to the mat at first). If you need some further inspiration, these books by Hal Erold and James Clear have been a big help for me.


You may be a solo entrepreneur, but that does not mean you have to do it alone! Having the right people there for advice or just to cheer you on makes all the difference in your motivation and success. It starts with your closest circle: your family and friends. Communicating your goals with them will help guide your planning to make sure it’s true to what matters to you. Beyond that, building a community of peers opens the door to not only accountability and inspiration, but also opportunities to collaborate. Last but not least, instead of wasting time and energy figuring out the right decisions to implement in your business, invest in the experts who can help you. There will be plenty of ups and downs, and you need to know who you can go to for help when you need it. A great place to start is by joining our “The Time Is Now” community and sharing your feedback: Click here to join.

Focusing on working with intention will get you where you want to go while maintaining your own well-being, which is something far too important to compromise on, so I hope these pillars can help you build a strong foundation for the year ahead.

If you are not sure where to go next, I would love to help you make a strategic plan to move your business forward in 2024. Schedule a free assessment call to learn more about my services and see if we would work well together: Click here.

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