The 3 global shifts that led to Tandem Nomads’ evolution

As we gear up to hit two major milestones — 300 podcast episodes and eight years in business — it is a time for reflection, celebration and, most importantly, anticipation for what is to come!

Before I dive into the big announcement, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have been a part of this incredible journey. Your support has been the driving force behind all of the incredible milestones we have achieved together.

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So, here it is, the moment I have been hinting at:

I have made the bold decision to rename both the podcast and my business!

Yes, Tandem Nomads will soon have a different name … It was not an easy call, believe me, but it feels like the right time. While the heart and soul of what we have built will remain unchanged, this transformation signifies the natural evolution of Tandem Nomads and its expanding community.

The world has changed in the past eight years, especially for online entrepreneurs. It is time for Tandem Nomads to reflect that change!

Before I share with you the reasons behind this decision, let’s briefly rewind back to the beginning. Tandem Nomads took off eight years ago with a mission close to my heart: supporting expat spouses like myself with a solution to their dual-career challenges. These are individuals who, like me, had to put their traditional careers on hold to accommodate their partner’s job relocation.

I had two major goals with this mission:

Introduce entrepreneurship as the solution to dual-career challenges:

I wanted to share what I learned on my journey along with my expertise on how to grow a successful PORTABLE business so that expat spouses do not have to give up on creating their own source of income and fulfillment. Thus, the motto that I use to end each episode of the Tandem Nomads podcast: “Turning challenges into great opportunities!”

– Create awareness around expat spouses’ administrative and legal challenges:

It was important for me to also use my platform to advocate for a better understanding of the unique hurdles expat spouses encounter, striving to bridge the gap between their distinctive needs and existing regulatory frameworks (e.g., visa and work permit issues, taxations obstacles, etc).


Since then, a lot of things have changed. Here are the three areas where I have seen the biggest shifts in the past eight years that motivated my decision to undergo this brand evolution:

1. The improvement of dual-career challenges in the expat community

One of the most significant changes I have noticed is how the global mobility industry has evolved. Dual-career challenges have become an important topic of conversation in the industry. Moreover, entrepreneurship and the concept of a portable business have also been broadly adopted.

Back when I started Tandem Nomads, the idea of entrepreneurship for expat spouses seemed like a distant dream, but over time, we have seen a remarkable shift in this space. More expat partners are now embracing entrepreneurship as a solution to their career challenges. It has been incredibly inspiring to witness this transformation, not just in terms of helping expat partners start businesses. Not all of them manage to reclaim complete financial independence, but many are generating income, building their financial safety net and finding renewed purpose through their portable businesses.

Although I was not the only player in this field, I am very proud to have contributed alongside my peers to making this major mindset shift and to have brought awareness to this important issue.

In fact, helping expat spouses create their own sources of fulfillment and advocating for their legal rights was crucial for me from day one. Today, although all the issues are not yet solved, the key players in global mobility and regulators have more awareness on the issues related to dual-career challenges and are trying to solve them. Also, there are many more career opportunities today for expat spouses as a growing number of companies are willing to hire remote employees.

2. The rise of remote work and shifts in priorities 

Post-pandemic, remote work swiftly became the new norm, prompting a significant transformation in the work landscape. As the lockdowns unfolded, my interactions extended beyond the expat community to include individuals who did not necessarily identify as “tandem nomads,” and were not expats.

I found myself attracting new clients who were seeking advice on setting up businesses and navigating the remote work terrain. In particular, I started attracting women in leadership positions seeking to leave their demanding jobs and turn their expertise into a business aligned with the lifestyle they wanted. They also often want to gain more visibility as the go-to expert in their field in order to make the changes they want to see in their industry.

When it comes to my current audience, although they do not all necessarily identify as expats, I have come to recognize a common thread binding them all together:

  • They identify as global citizens. I often refer to my audience now as “cosmopolitans,” individuals who may not have led an itinerant lifestyle but have a multicultural background or identify as global citizens, even if they are not expats.
  • They want to have a balance between their work and their personal lives, encompassing aspects like travel, quality time with their loved ones and overall well-being.
  • They are committed to using their expertise and their businesses to make a difference and a bigger impact in the world.

While my message for growing a successful portable business was initially intended to allow expat partners to live on the move without giving up their independence and fulfillment, the framework that I developed over the years working with hundreds of solopreneurs around the world is just as relevant for those who do not want to necessarily live on the move, but want more freedom and flexibility with their time.

Ultimately, the common goal of a portable business is to build a business aligned with who you are and the lifestyle you want — no matter how it looks — and also the impact you want to make in the world.

3. The disruptions in the global economy

Since the launch of Tandem Nomads back in 2015, the world has undergone substantial shifts, including an economic recession, growing concerns for the environment and major global conflicts, but also the rise of Artificial Intelligence and other innovations that provide new opportunities and uncertainties.

This turbulent and fast-paced landscape demands that entrepreneurs, even solopreneurs, step up, show up and understand how to navigate these times. I have personally found myself constantly adapting and supporting my clients in navigating their business and pivoting their plans in these uncharted waters.

The core principle that has guided me throughout this journey has been “turning your challenges into opportunities,” a philosophy that I, my audience and my clients hold dear. Coming from diverse domains such as education, mental health, personal development, team management, sustainability and communication, they share a common aspiration: to leverage their expertise for meaningful change.

This exploration encompasses not only building businesses aligned with our values and lifestyle, creating effective marketing strategies to grow visibility and revenue, but also getting vital knowledge in areas such as mindset, financial literacy, technology, innovation and leadership. These topics are designed to empower entrepreneurs and changemakers to take action and navigate the dynamic landscape of our industries and the world at large.

This shift allows me to dig into a broader spectrum of crucial topics that resonate deeply with all of us and represent the evolution that the Tandem Nomads audience has been through in the past eight years.

The big picture 

The renaming of the podcast marks the start of an exciting new chapter together. Know that my biggest motivation in making this change is to continue supporting you in your entrepreneurial journey. I will continue to do my best to provide you with the resources, inspiration and guidance you need to grow a successful business that is aligned with your lifestyle and the impact you want to make in the world.

Join me for the 300th episode, where I will reveal the new name and celebrate this incredible milestone with all of you.

Let’s continue this journey of growth, impact and empowerment, turning every challenge into an opportunity to create something extraordinary!

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