TN244: Planning in uncertainty and complex transitions

It might seem impossible to plan when you’re in the middle of huge uncertainty about your future or trying to make sense of a complex transition. The last two years of the global pandemic have certainly shown us that we need to be flexible in the face of unexpected changes and challenges.

However, when you are in the middle of complex changes and transitions, it is even more important to plan. Having a plan will actually help you navigate through uncertainty and change!

Planning is what will allow you to pivot or slow down when needed and be in alignment with how you want to show up in uncertainty.

In this episode, I will help you think differently about defining your plan and goals and how to use them to help you cope when the sh!t hits the fan!

What is the point of planning when you lack visibility of what is going to happen in the next months or if you live in complex transitions?
We will look at why it is important to plan even in uncertainty and how to do it mindfully.

What you will learn:

  • Why it is crucial to plan your goals even in the middle of uncertainty and complex transitions
  • What three steps you need to take to define your goals and make sure they are in alignment with your life situation
  • What the 5 golden rules are for your plans to work and help you adapt when sh!t hits the fan

Resources and inspiration:

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