TN241: Prioritizing self-care and keeping up with business in tough times – Part 1 with Melissa Tiessen and Karen Dyck

For many solo entrepreneurs it’s already tough to practice self-care while running a business and managing the usual obligations of life. So, when things go wrong and you need to slow down and face some difficult challenges in your personal life – such as supporting family members in distress or through illness, taking care of aging parents or going through grief – the first areas that often suffer are self-care and the sustainability of your business.

How can solo entrepreneurs and small business owners continue to keep the lights on and maintain their important business activities while prioritizing their self-care and managing the things they needs to deal with in their personal life?

I invited two of my clients, Karen Dyck and Melissa Tiessen, to discuss this important topic. They are business partners and founders of Intentional Therapist. Around the same time of the year, they both experienced very difficult challenges in their respective personal lives.

Self-care means experiencing discomfort initially in order to reap the benefits down the road – Karen Dyck

They graciously agreed to share their journey with you and explain how they managed to continue to serve their clients and their community while making their own self-care a priority.

This is a very personal and raw episode. And although it is intended to inspire you for any challenge you might encounter in your life, we will talk particularly about times of grief when losing a loved one and we will each share our own experiences with grief very shortly after the loss. Please be gentle with yourself if you are going through a similar journey.

Melissa and Karen are two mid-career(ish) psychologists who love what they do and also recognize how important it is to take care of themselves in this work. They know that there are so many other female mental health professionals like them who are trying to balance their careers with additional caregiving roles – whether young children, aging parents, or anything in between. They created Intentional Therapist to help female mental health professionals make themselves a priority, stay healthy and happy through intentional, creative, and playful self-care.

This is the first episode of a two-part podcast series.

What you will learn:

  • How to find the right balance between committing to the business and having to slow down
  • How to communicate with clients when things go wrong in your personal life, and you need to take a pause
  • What the 4 pillars of self-care are that Melissa and Karen use to help their clients but also use for themselves

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