TN236: Mastering your tax obligations and solutions as a global nomad – with Kathleen Di Paolo

Managing your taxes and finding sustainable financial and legal solutions as a global nomad and portable business entrepreneur can get quite overwhelming. Kathleen Di Paolo, an expert in international taxation shares some of the options now available to help you navigate these challenges.

“There are more legal international taxation solutions for global nomads nowadays than ever before. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t know that they could be in a better situation and make the system work for them.”

In this week’s episode, Kathleen explains the difference between our personal and business tax liabilities and highlights some of the locations that might be good options for registering your business.  She also outlines some of the things that we all need to consider when thinking about our tax strategy.

Kathy Di Paolo is the founder and CEO of Wanderers Wealth an international tax consulting firm who helps Digital Nomads and Location Independent Entrepreneurs figure out their current tax situation and provide them with better international tax solutions.

What You Will Learn

  • What key factors to consider when defining your tax strategy as a global nomad and global entrepreneur
  • Which countries are the friendliest in terms of taxation and virtual business set up
  • What solutions to consider when living in a country with a visa that does not allow to work from there

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