TN160: Practical steps to set up your location independent business in Estonia – With Chatlin Helm

Setting up your business in Estonia, via the E-Residency program, is a great solution for global nomads who struggle to find a legal base to set up their location independent business.

In episode 158 we described in detailed how this program works:

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In this specific episode, we will dive more into the practical aspects and steps that you will need to take to register your location independent business in Estonia.

“You can now focus on your business and your clients instead of the admin hassles of your business”

Chatlin Helm, the community manager of Xolo, will tell you about how this works.

Xolo was founded in May 2015 out of the urge to revolutionize the way people become entrepreneurs and manage their companies. The company provides accounting software and services to enable millions of freelancers, contractors and digital nomads around the world to start and run microbusinesses in a hassle-free way. Xolo helps manage independent businesses from anywhere, with access to secure banking, accounting, and one of the simplest tax systems in the world.

What You Will Learn

  • What the necessary steps are to register your business in Estonia
  • What the costs related to registering your business in Estonia are
  • What you have to know about taxes and managing your finances in Estonia

Resources And Inspiration:

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