TN197: Most popular episode in 2020: How to confidently deal with competition

This episode on dealing with your fear of competition was the most downloaded episode this year!

So often we spend too much of our time and energy comparing ourselves to our competition or worrying that they will copy our ideas or product or steal your clients. To overcome our worries about competition, we need to realize that its normal and important. In fact, if you have no competition, you may not have a market for your business idea!

And we need to let go of our fear of competition, because the more we worry about it, the less time we spend focusing on our own clients. We need to worry about making an impact on them, not basing our decisions on what someone else’s business.

“Believe in the law of abundance and don’t let your ego getin your way.”

In this episode, I share how you can embrace your competition and develop a mindset that allows you to grow your confidence, remain competitive and become a true market leader.

What You Will Learn

  • Why most people are afraid of competition
  • How to embrace competition and the mindset of growth
  • How to become a market leader and be ahead of your competition

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