[Refresh series] Dealing with imposter syndrome – With Melissa Parks

Overthinking, comparisons, and fear hold back so many talented entrepreneurs from achieving their business potential. Melissa shares her best tips about dealing with imposter syndrome and how to cultivate a mindset for success.

She explains the darkness imposter syndrome can create, the symptoms that might show up as a result of imposter syndrome, and how she herself was able to get out of this dark space.

You can’t get rid of imposter syndrome, but you can work with it

Melissa Parks is a mindset coach with a PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology. She helps entrepreneurs who want to be highly successful without sacrificing their (mental) health or relationships in the process.

She is the co-founder of Location Independent Therapists (LIT) Community, a space for mental health professionals around the world who want support in starting (or growing) their portable business.

Melissa is also the host of the Founders’ Fears & Failures podcast, a weekly show dedicated to normalizing discussions about the emotional and mental struggles that come with life in the startup ecosystem.

What you will learn:

  • How imposter syndrome is defined and general symptoms to look out for
  • Why global nomads and entrepreneurs may be more at risk to succumb to it
  • How to navigate imposter syndrome and cultivate a successful business mindset

Resources and inspiration:

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