Once Upon an Expat: The Book is now available!

Once Upon an Expat is now released and ready for you to enjoy during your summer holidays ūüôā

It is a great honor to have contributed to Lisa Webb's newest book, Once Upon an Expat. My story "Lost and Found Between Homeless and Homeful" is a chapter among many other beautiful stories from expats around the world who share with you their joys, challenges, funny encounters and deeper life realizations that come when having a global nomadic lifestyle.

The chapter "Lost and Found Between Homeless and Homeful" is the story of how I struggled since childhood to understand what Home was to me. You will see how my perception of "home" evolved throughout my life, how it keeps evolving but also how I found a way today to make it a stable and safe place in my heart.

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With this book, you will find so many fun and inspiring expat stories and help alleviate poverty through literacy. 


Indeed, all benefits from the book's sales will go the a wonderful charity called Books Abroad. So know that when you will purchase this book, you will not only share with us a lot of laughs, tears and thoughts but you will also contribute to an important cause!

Lisa Webb, is the master engineer behind this beautiful book project. Lisa contributed to Once Upon an Expat by reaching out to approximatively 40 expats around the globe and working hard on putting this book together.

Books Abroad believes that, in the long term, education is what is required to help solve the world's problems. With the power to read and write, the children of today will have a better understanding of the issues surrounding them. Better communication skills will help them to avoid conflicts and resolve disputes of all kinds by negotiation.

She also contributed with her own stories as this piece called "My (naked) French Manicure", it shows the cultural differences that can really confuse us when we live abroad while being a really hilarious story!

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I have to say that I am very much impressed by Lisa's drive, capacity to bring people together and the energy she puts into it. She has been doing all of that while preparing her next big family move from Indonesia to Congo. We wish you good luck and lots of fun in your new adventures Lisa!!

I had the great pleasure to interview her on the Tandem Nomads podcast show few months ago before she started this book project. To listen to Lisa's fascinating journey as an expat partner, writer and blogger, click here.

We also have other previous guests on Tandem Nomads podcast show such as Leah Evans and Olga Mecking who shared their stories in this book.

Leah Evans's chapter is called "Transition Woes in Ukraine", very moving story of her first days and last days in Ukraine. Leah shares with us her journey abroad in the podcast interview as an expat partner and how she created the After School Plans, providing playful educational books designed specifically for expat children. You can listen to her episode on Tandem Nomads by clicking here.

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Olga Mecking's chapter is called "SunWorshipers", interesting and fun story of how the weather can affect our customs and traditions from a country to another. Olga also shares her story with us on Tandem Nomads as a young mom moving from a country to another and a blogger. You can listen to her episode on Tandem Nomads by clicking here.

If you are looking to grow an audience via your blog or your book, I really recommend you to listen to these three episodes from Lisa, Leah and Olga! They share with us their experience as expat partners who gave up their successful careers to join their spouses in this exciting nomadic journey, but they also share how they turned some of their great challenges into an opportunity to develop their writing and editing skills. 

Before ending this post, I also would like to send my warm greetings to some new friends who contributed to this book:
  • Akajiulonna Patricia Ndefo, author of "The Evolving Vocabulary of the Expatriate Life".
  • Rosemary Gillan, author of ¬†"Yes, Me Too!"
  • And Lizzie Harwood, author of ¬†"A Paris Job Ain't All Macarons".

If you are a global nomad or willing to become one, don't hesitate any longer, get the book, get inspired by these fascinating stories while contributing to improving literacy and education in the world! 

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