Convert your sales calls or meetings into clients without being salesy

We are not all born salespeople. For many, selling can even feel a little icky. But if you are not making sales, your business will not be sustainable. End of story.

To help my clients become more comfortable with selling, I like to share with them my “Coaching the Sell” principle.

In this instance, the word “coaching” means you are guiding your client through the process of making a purchase by helping them better understand their own needs in order to make the right decision for them. The end goal is the same as other sales techniques — completing the transaction — but this approach is less pushy or ‘salesy.’ Instead, it is about shifting your mindset toward being authentic and making meaningful connections.

Selling is about listening and asking the right questions.

How does “Coaching the Sell” work?

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Before you speak with anyone, make sure you are well prepared. This starts with having clearly defined offers for your business. If you need some help with that, give this episode a listen.

After you define your offers, research your client. You should start the call or meeting with an idea of which of your offers is the best fit for them along with plenty of questions to help you get to know them better.

Once it is time for the call or meeting to begin, these are the three steps of the “Coaching the Sell” method:

1. Start by getting the three essential yeses.

When you finally get someone on the phone or face to face, it is exciting! You want to jump right in and tell them about what you have to offer. But before you do that, you need to assess the client’s challenges, desired results and whether your solution is the right fit for them. Ask open-ended questions so you can have as much information as you can. At the end of each one of these three steps, share with them what you understood from their answers and ask the questions that will confirm that this is indeed what they are looking for.

2. Address any objections or questions.

You know your offerings backwards and forwards, so be prepared to answer questions about them. Not everyone is ready to make a purchase right away, and how you respond makes all the difference. Listen carefully to any concerns they have and provide thoughtful answers — they may decide your offer is not a good fit, but this gives you an opportunity to refer them to the right resources. This builds further trust and may mean they send someone else your way later on!

3. Give prices on the spot.

Talking about money does NOT have to be taboo. Clients appreciate when you are up front and transparent about your pricing instead of making them search on your website, sign up for services or provide any sensitive information before they are ready. Make sure you can explain everything the total price includes and how the costs break down to help them feel more comfortable.

Selling can be tough, but it does not have to feel icky. Being authentic at selling means listening and asking the right questions. If you focus on the connection you are creating, you will find you do not need to be pushy to make sales.

If you are struggling with selling, I can help you feel more comfortable “Coaching the Sell” for more successful sales calls and meetings. To learn more, I invite you to schedule a 90-minute session with me: Click here.

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