Tip #1 to kick off your portable plan.

As most expat partners, you might be well educated and might have had a great career before you decided to quite your job and join your partner abroad in a nomadic journey across the world.

It is an amazing chance to embrace the world and live an exciting journey with your family. However, something is missing in your life, a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment or a need for challenge. Evolving in your career or projects while moving regularly from one country to another has been no easy task. Along the journey, you have learnt to be flexible and reinvent yourself every time, but you want to build continuity and stability, a career, a business or a project that is sustainable, something you can take with you where ever you go and that fits to your personality.

You know that you can't keep moving abroad without a portable plan for yourself, but you don't know where to start?

As promised in my previous blog post, "No more!", I prepared for you a series of tips to start building your portable plan and portable career. Each week, I will focus on one tip and at the end of each one, I will invite you to take action!

"The future depends on what you do today!", Gandhi. 


1. Don't do this alone! 

Don't isolate yourself in the process of building your plan, especially if you are lacking confidence and have doubts about your skills and opportunities, seek for help and advice, but also hold yourself accountable by sharing your goals and your journey.  To do so, you need to make the right use of the resources around you:
  • Talk to the right friends and family members.
Not all friends and family members can understand your challenges, some of them might even make comments that offend you, not necessary because they don't care, but probably because they don't understand your life and challenges and only see the bright sides. Instead of being upset with those who can't understand, focus your attention on those who can. Look around you and define who are the ones with whom you can openly share your journey without feeling judged, those who have or had a similar experience, those who can support you emotionally and motivate you, those whose constructive feedbacks will help you rather than discourage you. 
don't do this alone
  • Find a community and sources of inspiration 
The journey to success and fulfillment is very exciting, but it can also be a long and bumpy road, the further you will go with implementing your plan the less energy you might have to remain focused, curious and inspired. 
You need to build patience but also make sure to identify the communities (online and offline) where members have common interests and can support each other, create the right environment, energy and mindset that is needed to stay motivated. Also, research what kind of resources or new skills do you need to reach your goals. Make sure to stay committed to your goals, curious and interested. Identify the sources of information and inspiration (books, blogs, podcasts, magazines, organizations or clubs, etc.)  that will help you keep up with your goals and your field. 
  • Reach out to real experts
If you are serious about building your plan and defining your goals, than don't think twice when it is about investing in yourself and reaching out to professionals such as trainers, mentors or coaches. You might certainly be able to build the right plan and make it happen all by yourself, but from my own experience I can tell you that you will encounter much less frustrations along the way and the results will show up much faster if you seek the help of professionals. 
So instead of hesitating on IF you should sign up for a training program or reach out to an expert, take that time to decide WHAT is stopping you from moving forward, what do you need to learn, WHICH training, which mentor or which coach would fit best to your needs.

Take action now!

1. Join the Tandem Nomads Facebook community: Click here.

2. Share with us what are the resources around you that you are planning to use to build your portable plan, or what are those you are looking for.  So many of us have been on the same path, we can help each other!

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