What it takes to do what you truly love – With Stefanie Brodmann

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  • Find her book (in German): Click here.

If you have ever felt trapped in a life and a job that do not bring you joy anymore, if you have been contemplating quitting your job and starting a business that is aligned with your passion and your skills, this episode will hopefully bring you the inspiration you need to gain hope and take action! 

Discover the inspiring journey of my client Stefanie Brodman. A passionate, career-driven woman, who after over a decade working as an economist, found herself on the brink of burnout. She realized that she had lost touch with her feminine essence in a male-dominated world. In her attempts to heal, she discovered the power of creative writing and undertook a one-year training on creative writing alongside her job. 

I could not pretend anymore, I had to do something to live my life and career with more purpose. 

 As her passion for creative writing grew, she decided to share it with others. Taking a sabbatical, she used it as an opportunity to start her business, The Writing Flow. 

That’s when she reached out to me to support her in building solid foundations for her business. 

Dr. Stefanie Brodman is a senior economist, a writing coach, and author of the book in German: “Frauen die schreiben, blühen auf” (Women who write, bloom). Through her unique approach, she guides women from overwhelm and exhaustion to reclaiming their inner strength through creative writing. Stefanie is the founder of the Writing Flow Circles, where women come together to write, and in her magical creative writing workshops, she takes women on a personal heroine’s journey to self-discovery. From her home in Upper Austria, Stefanie writes with heartfelt intention, aiming to inspire curiosity and ignite the creative spark within others. 

What you will learn:

  • What she learned from this journey and what message she has to share with those who find themselves considering reinventing their journey to find more fulfillment
  • How she started her business and benefited from working together
  • What the scientific benefits of creative writing for well-being and mental health are

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