TN172: Turning interior design into a portable business – With Renata Carvalho

Tandem Nomads is all about building a business that is truly portable so that you can have consistent revenue while living on the move.

But there are some businesses that we might think of as being hard to deliver virtually. Interior design is typically one of those businesses that depend on a geographical location and physical transaction.

In this episode, we have an interior designer who managed to crack the code of portability and deliver her interior design services virtually, allowing her to serve clients no matter where they are, or where she is.

“As hard as it is to put myself out there consistently, I keep doing it because it simply brings results. “

Renata Carvalho will share how through thinking creatively and working consistently and with focus on her niche, she has been able to build a uniquely portable business, serving local and international clients from her current base in New York.

Renata is a Brazilian interior designer and owner of RGC Projects. She lived in 4 different countries and 6 different cities.

After receiving her marketing degree in Brazil and enjoying 25 years of a very rewarding and truly global career in advertising, she decided it was time to transform her lifelong hobby of interior design into her new profession and get her degree in interior design in New York.

With her expertise in interior design and skills to enhance temporary housing, she helps expats feel home away from home.

What You Will Learn

  • How to turn a physical business such asinterior design into a virtual business
  • How Covid-19 democratized interior design and solve a real problem during lockdown
  • How to deal with the challenges of marketing and promoting a business when you are not comfortable with it

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