TN99: Behind the scenes of a relaunch strategy and business assessment

We are back! Today I’m launching the 4th season of Tandem Nomads. Welcome to those who are tuning in for the first time. And thank you to those who are returning after the summer break. In addition to sharing what season 4 has in store, I’m also taking you behind the scenes on my relaunch strategy and the business assessment system I’m using to grow Tandem Nomads.

“A problem solved, is a problem well defined.” Amel Derragui

Ready to take your business to the next level?

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The important thing to do before taking a break in your business
  • The challenges that I needed to work on to take Tandem Nomads to the next level
  • My 3C™ system and how I’ve implemented it in Tandem Nomads
  • The new format of the podcast’s 4th season
  • How Tandem Nomads business model is evolving
  • How you can implement these strategies in your business

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Highlights from the episode

  • What has happened since I pressed pause on the podcast (06min:30sec)
  • Why announcing a break is important if you need time away from your business (08in:44sec)
  • Introducing the 3 C’s (14min:48sec)
  • The hardest part of running a business (17min:32sec)
  • Explanation of how I used the 3C™ system on Tandem Nomads (19min:45sec)
  • The three stages within the Tandem Nomads audience (28min:30sec)
  • Plans for the future of the podcast (33min:47sec)
  • Hearing more from male expat partners (39min:17sec)
  • How I make money in Tandem Nomads (43min:19sec)
  • A special announcement for 2019 (48min:56sec)

“Consistent actions bring consistent results” Christine Kane

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