TN98: Time to think & make an unusual decision

This is probably the most difficult podcast episode I’ve ever recorded.  I have a difficult announcement to make but not without some key takeaways.  Listen in to understand why I’m taking time to think and reflect on the podcast and my business.   It’s important for me to make sure Tandem Nomads moves forward in the right direction to keep serving expat partners in their goals of creating portable businesses.

Taking time to reflect in order to move forward

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How I’m balancing being strategic and being creative
  • Why aligning my business goals with personal goals is important
  • My fears regarding my decision


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tandem nomads time to think ep 98 

Highlights from the episode

  • The big announcement (01min:24sec)
  • Why this is a hard one for me (04min:54sec)
  • The need for time to reflect (07min:06sec)
  • Why I’m taking a break (08min:00sec)
  • Life balance doesn’t exist (12min:43sec)
  • My fears in taking a pause from the podcast (14min:38sec)
  • What to expect over the summer from Tandem Nomads (22min:22sec)
  • Practice what you preach (24min:10sec)

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