TN95: How to create free content that will grow your portable business

Before starting to sell your products or services, this is the one thing you need to do in order to succeed in your portable business: provide valuable, consistent free content to your audience. You might already have a blog, a newsletter or other channel and struggle to find and create content to share. Or even if you don’t have a business yet, this episode will help you understand why content is so important.

Content gives your potential customers access to your expertise. Content is the gateway to your business. Without free content, it’s like having a clothing brand without a store to try on the clothes.

Why create FREE content?

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why you are doing a disservice to you and your audience if you are not creating consistent free content
  • Why your free content is crucial to build and grow your portable business
  • What is the essential recipe to turn your free content into customers

“Not sharing your free content is like not letting customers into your store.”

Download my FREE Content Strategy Assessment Questionnaire. This will help you assess your business, your market, your brand and help you find ideas for free content. Even if you don’t have a business (yet!) this will help you get prepared before you start.  

content strategy assessment questionnaire


Highlights from the episode

  • Different types of free content to grow your portable business (04min:30sec)
  • Allow your brand voice shine through your free content (9min:09sec)
  • Categories of goals for your free content (12min:58sec)
  • Overcome your shyness of sharing your content (16min:45sec)
  • Free content vs. paid content (19min:22sec)
  • Problem vs. Pain points and examples (25min:35sec)
  • Find time to create and develop free content  (32min:45sec)
  • Use your free content to convert clients (36min:50sec)

“Focus on giving value even before you start to sell”


Take action now!

  1. Download the Content Strategy Assessment Questionnaire
  2.  Check out the resources mentioned in this episode 

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