TN93: 5 Lies You’re Telling Yourself About Making Money – Sundae Schneider-Bean

Money can be a dirty word for some people as we discover in this joint podcast with Sundae Schneider-Bean of the Expat Happy Hour podcast. But if you recognize and deal with the lies you might be telling yourself about making money, then you will feel more confident when starting your portable business. If you are guilty of telling yourself one, two or even all these lies: you are not alone. We see it with our clients and with others in the expat partner community. Sundae and I are happy to discuss and help you overcome these money blocks.

“Money is just another word for value” – Sundae

Sundae Schneider-Bean an intercultural specialist and a solution-oriented coach, and host of the podcast show Expat Happy Hour. Sundae is a mother two third-culture kids and has lived overseas since 1998. She comes from the US and has lived in Switzerland, Burkina Faso and today lives in South Africa. She has helped individuals from over 60 countries go through transitions and change. Sundae also works with multinational companies and NGOs to support their employees as well as train multi-cultural and international groups around the world. Sundae really understands the challenges of achieving your business goals when working across cultures.

“Allow yourself to dream big” – Amel 

In this episode, you’ll learn

  1. The five lies you might be telling yourself about making money
  2. How to face and deal with these lies in order to find success
  3. Why you should think of money as an exchange of value

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“People show up differently when they’re invested” – Sundae 

Highlights from the episode

  • Our experiences with money (03min:12sec)
  • Lie #1 & how much expat partners do for free (4min:56sec)
  • Paradigm shift you need to dream big (11min:35sec)
  • Lie #2 & how to place value on what you do or provide (14min:44sec)
  • The biggest disservice when you work ‘for free’ (16min:47sec)
  • Lie #3 & how selling is like helping people (23min:17sec)
  • How to learn how to sell (27min:16sec)
  • Lie #4 & the fear of failure and of success (28min:45sec)
  • Lie #5 & finding the opportunities (33min:13sec)
  • Our exciting announcement you can’t miss (36min:35sec)

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