TN92: 3 Reasons Why Starting a Business is THE Solution for Expat Partners

Expat partners often struggle to find their purpose and continue their careers. When you move abroad, sometimes you aren’t able to work in the new location. Or you’re unable to continue the career you had in your home country. Sometimes you take time off work when the children are young and have a hard time restarting in a new country, culture and language. Perhaps you’ve already gotten through these initial challenges and already started a business but you now wonder if you made the right choice. Do you wonder if entrepreneurship is right for you?  Whether you’re thinking about it or already started, let’s discover the three reasons why starting a business is THE solution for expat partners. 

Three reasons why expat partners should start businesses

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The 3 reasons why starting a business is the best solution for expat partners.
  2. How expat partners already have the entrepreneurship mindset.
  3. All the benefits of having your own business aside from financial independence
  4. How changes in technology and careers around the globe will impact you.
  5. Soft skills you need to stay ahead of the changes
  6. My big announcement with Sundae Bean!

“You don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to be a successful entrepreneur”

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 Highlights from the episode

  • Entrepreneurship is for everyone (01min:56sec)
  • My big announcement and a collaborative project with Sundae Bean (03min:06sec)
  • Starting a business gives you back control in your life (05min:15sec)
  • Challenges expat partners face and how to overcome them (07min:32sec) 
  • Make sure you start a portable business (11min:14min)
  • Let’s talk about divorce and financial dependence (15min:35sec)
  • Expat partners are already entrepreneurs  (20min:28sec)
  • The future of work and mobility (26min:40sec)
  • Entrepreneurship mindset and artificial intelligence (35min:07sec)
  • How to find the right business idea for you (39min:41sec)

“The entrepreneurial mindset is the capacity for solving problems.”

How to Find the Right Business Idea for you

  1. Get to know more about Sundae Bean in episodes 86, 68, and 28 
  2. Learn about what makes a business portable in episode 90.
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