TN91: How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a magnet of opportunities

You only get one chance at making a first impression. These days that impression is made online. Your LinkedIn profile needs to nail that first impression, no matter who’s looking. Do you know how to get people to notice you on LinkedIn? And do you know if the right people looking at your LinkedIn profile?

Petra Fisher is a LinkedIn consultant.  She takes the guesswork out of LinkedIn and helps you harness its full powers to propel your business or career to the next level. She does this by helping people like you create a LinkedIn profile that tells the story of the professional you truly are!

Growing up in The Netherlands Petra took not one, but two gap years (one before and one after college). The first one she spent in Denver, CO and the second one in Washington DC. Back in The Netherlands, she grew restless and within two years of graduating she decided to backpack around Australia for a year. Two years later Petra moved to Australia and ended up staying for 10 years. To explain how this impacted her life it is easiest to quote an Australian neighbor in Amsterdam: “You are more bloody Australian than I am”. Ever since Petra has focused her consulting on expats and their accompanying partners.

What is LinkedIn and how do I use it?

Petra shares her expertise and provides practical examples you can implement right away.  In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to grow your network on LinkedIn
  2. How to create an attractive profile
  3. How to use LinkedIn to find clients
  4. How can LinkedIn be a great marketing tool for your business and how to build an audience

“It is not what you know and it is who know”

Download Petra’s free LinkedIn workbook

petra fisher linkedin workbook

Highlights from the episode

  • Petra’s story and how she got into this new career (03min:24sec)
  • The benefits and features of LinkedIn (05min:26sec)
  • Tips to have an attractive profile  (07min:29sec)
  • Engaging with your audience by commenting and connecting  (15min:28sec)
  • The main mistakes people make with their profile (23min:07sec)
  • If you’re a stay-at-home mom and/and trailing spouse and have a gap in your resume (28min:09sec)
  • Let clients find you! (31min:19sec)
  • All about LinkedIn Publisher (36min:19sec)
  • The best chance to get the best results (41min:29sec)

“LinkedIn is about building relationships not about collecting numbers”

Take Action Right Now

  1. Download Petra’s free LinkedIn Workbook
  2. Join her LinkedIn Tips Facebook group to get more LinkedIn tips
  3. Share what tips you learned today in the Tandem Nomads group.  Tell us what you will do today to transform your LinkedIn profile into a magnet of opportunities.

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