TN9: “If you feel unfortunate, start saying Thank You”. Laura Moreno – New York

Laura Moreno Cabanillas is originally from Spain, she lived in Turkey where she started her entrepreneurial journey and met her husband. With him, she moved to the US.

She is the host of the Growth Hacking podcast and she advises companies in business development and sales.  She also teaches the principals of growth hacking.

Her mission in life is to help 300 million people be happier! In this episode she will tell you how 😉

Glimpse on Laura’s insights:

  • How to meet people in a new place.
  • How to take time to take care of yourself, do things that you like.
  • How to build healthy routines and practice gratitude to be happy.

Laura’s habits in relocation:

  • 20 min of gratitude per day.
  • Exercising.

Laura’s recommended online resources:

Laura’s recommended books:

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Help your expat friends who might need inspiration to turn the challenges of relocation into great opportunities.

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