TN88: Stay on top of your game! 3 pillars to be inspired in your life & business

Inspiration, knowledge, and creativity are the fuel to have a fulfilling life and a successful business.  At the beginning of the year, you feel motivated and ready to make it a great one. But life is hectic and sometimes you can’t find the time to be creative.  As busy entrepreneurs and moms, juggling between kids, homework, international moves, settling in a new country and running your own business, how do you stay inspired in business and life throughout the year?  How do you avoid ending up like a hamster in the wheel as the days pass by?

In this episode, you will discover the 3 pillars and the action plan to implement even when you feel overwhelmed.  Stay inspired, build a competitive business, live a fulfilling life and avoid getting caught in the daily tasks that tend to make you lose your creativity, motivation and confidence.

Three pillars to stay inspired in business and life

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The 3 pillars to implement in your life and business to stay on top of your game.
  2. The routines and habits that will help you build the right daily mindset and why they are so important.
  3. The importance of continuously learning new skills and how to plan time for it.
  4. Some specific examples of routines and resources that can help you stay inspired.
  5. Resources and tools that will help you remain up-to-date in your business.
  6. Online tools to save memories, ideas and organize them.

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Highlights from the episode

  • Importance of routines (07min:35sec)
    • exercise, meditate, journal, practice gratitude, be aware, remember to have fun
  • Leaving time for spontaneity (17min:05sec)
    • spend time in nature, give yourself some “Me time”, allow your mind to wander, do something new, shake it up
  • Shutting off (22min:03sec)
    • don’t check emails or social media, take time to regenerate
  • Ways to learn new things and stay curious (23min:06min)
    • read (or listen to audiobooks), listen to podcasts go to event and courses, use social media wisely, be interested in others
  • Exchange with others (29min:53sec)
    • involve family and friends on your journey, find an accountability partner, be part of a team or clubs, join a mastermind
  • Tool to keep track and archive all your inspired ideas (36min:00sec)
  • How to start your action plan (38min:00sec)

Implement your action plan now

  1. Choose at least one new routine of daily self-care and stick to it for one month.  Stay consistent! 
  2. Choose a time in the week to dedicate to learning something new.  Stay inspired!
    • Tip! Choose 3-5 sources of inspiration online to follow on a regular basis  Start with our Facebook page
  3. Choose one or a group of people to stay accountable and connect with them Be accountable!

Other helpful resources

What is one habit you will implement for the next month?  Go to the Tandem Nomads group and share with everyone so you can be inspired and stay accountable. 


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