TN84: How to grow a successful virtual PR agency and a remote team – Melissa Mathews

Have you ever heard of a virtual PR agency?  With the right tools and technology, you can almost any career with you.  Our guest today explains exactly how she did it.

Make sure to understand your needs, express them to your partner and find the right compromise”

Melissa Mathews is American and currently lives with her family in Saudi Arabia.  After a career in journalism and working for the NASA as a spokesperson, Melissa became a mom, gave up her career and hopped on her nomadic journey with her husband.  They lived in Guatemala, Washington and twice in Saudi Arabia. While living in Guatemala, Mellissa started freelancing before launching her full-scale portable business.  Melissa is the founder of The Mathews Group, a strategic communications and public relations agency that helps business-minded engineers, technologists and scientists tell their stories to audiences that matter.

“We tend to forget that what we are doing is hard and we should give ourselves credit for that”

Highlights from this episode

  • What you need to get started
  • How to find your niche and be the expert in it
  • How to use your network to grow the business
  • How to grow a virtual team
  • How to manage the business and the team virtually on the move
  • What is the difference between one person business and a company
  • How to manage business and being a mom

Melissa’s Online Resources

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