TN81: How to build a product and turn it into a company – Ebere Akadiri

Do you have an idea for a product and service and don’t know what to do next?  Listen to this episode where you’ll hear tips and inspiration on how to build a product, get it to the market and grow your portable business.

Ebere Akadiri comes from Nigeria where she founded two businesses, a retail clothing shop and two restaurants with large catering operations employing over 56 employees.  She holds a Bachelor in food science and technology. When she had to move to the Netherlands with her family, she decided to continue her entrepreneurial journey.

“What helped grow my business was my passion to put West-African food on the map.”

She founded Ataro Global Food Services BV, a food packaging and consulting company where she packages her signature spice blends. Ebere offers cooking workshops and videos to help her customers discover the culinary heritage of the West African region. Passionate about entrepreneurship, she also mentors other entrepreneurs to help them achieve business growth. Ebere is also involved in various charitable causes through the “Beauty in Every Life” initiative.

Highlights from this episode

  • The first thing to do when starting a business
  • How to introduce an unknown product to the market
  • How to find a unique niche and positioning
  • How to make it easy for customers to use and like the product
  • How to keep a business going and stay consistent
  • What is a business model and how to define it
  • Why it is important to create multiple revenue streams
  • The marketing strategy used to grow Ataro
  • How to build strategic partnerships to reach new clients
  • How to deal with competition
  • How to turn a local business into a portable business
  • How to achieve a life balance while managing business and family

More Notable Quotes & Tips

  • Find out people’s needs
  • My business grew thanks to word of mouth and repeating the same message all the time
  • To grow a business, you have to be customer focused and make it easy for them to use your product
  • I can do everything I set my mind to do

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Ebere is just another excellent example of an entrepreneur who is able to grow and succeed in her business while managing her family life.  For more stories and inspirations from other women who balance their careers and motherhood, listen to episode 63 with Maryam Afnan Ahmad and episode 76 with Dana Bassar Grossman.

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