TN8: Are you Triangle? A new way to define and feel home. Naomi Hattaway – Virginia

In episode 2, I brought to you “6 tips to leave the home you loved and embrace the new one”. By home, I meant the household where you lived, the apartment or the house. In this episode, we will focus on the broader definition of “home”.

Defining “home” can be a real issue for those who relocate regularly from a country to another, but also for those who come back home after many years of expatriation. This feeling of being totally disconnected from the people in its own home country can actually be quite challenging.

For many people, being able to define what “home” means could be a first step of dealing with this challenge.

With our guest in this episode, Naomi Hattaway, I would like to share with you one particular and original way to define “home”, to connect with like-minded people or with people who also struggle with the same issues related to looking for a sense of home.

Naomi is married and has three kids. After having lived in various states in the United States, she moved with her family to India and then Singapore. Now she is back in the United States, she lives in Loudoun County, Virginia, where she enjoys making an impact.

Naomi Hattaway

Indeed, her personal experience as a nomad led her to became the founder of 8th and Home, an international real estate agency, and the founder of a fascinating movement called “I am a Triangle”.

“I am a Triangle” started one day with a very innovative article that Naomi wrote on her blog where she shares great insights for those who travel the world and struggle defining home or struggle feeling home when they come back to their countries. The article turned into an incredible online community of people who resonate with being “triangles”. The community of triangles counts today over 3200 people who share together inspiration and meet-ups across the world.

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