TN77: Turn your purpose into a portable non-profit & career – Claudia Landini

This episode will provide you inspiration on how to turn your purpose into a portable non-profit that serves your community.  And it can be done while moving from one country to another while growing your portable career.

“No matter what there must always be a meaning to your mobile life”

Claudia Landini comes from Italy where she was an interpreter and developed her career in humanitarian missions for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and for the Danish organization DanChurchAid. She then quit her career to move abroad with her husband and two sons and they have been traveling together since 1989. They lived in Sudan, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Congo, Honduras, Peru and Jerusalem. Today Claudia and her husband are empty nesters and live in Jakarta, Indonesia. While moving from one country to another, Claudia developed her career as a coach and intercultural trainer.

In 2004, she also founded an amazing platform for all expat women around the world called Expatclic. The purpose was to create a place where expat women could support each other through all the aspects of their moves and life abroad, providing each other resources, information, and inspiration. Today, Expatclic counts over 2000 members and has developed into various activities and specific platforms, such as Expat Books, Expat A Table, Expat Women at Work, and What Expats Can Do.

Highlights from this episode

  • How to find your purpose and transform it into a meaningful project that you can develop from anywhere
  • Why choose to build a portable non-profit rather than a business
  • Leveraging your non-profit work to build your portable business and career
  • Tactics on how to grow an audience and attract volunteers
  • How to build a sustainable portable non-profit project and survive through the years while moving
  • Ways to adapt to change while keeping the same strong mission and vision

Claudia’s Book Recommendations

Lost in Translation by Eva Hoffman

Claudia’s Online Resources

  • WordPress – to create a free website or blog
  • Goto Meeting – to organize virtual meetings
  • MailChimp – to send automated emails to your email list

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What did you think about this episode?  Do you have a lifelong mission that you can turn into a portable non-profit organization?  Kick off your portable plan with these four steps.

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