TN76: Managing a business and maternity – Dana Bachar Grossman

A challenge that all women face whether they are expats or not and whether they have a business or work for a company, is balancing their career and motherhood.

Dana Bachar comes from Israel where she started her formal mediation career. She facilitated and resolved disputes across a wide range of corporate, civil and domestic court cases. When Dana needed to relocate to Singapore with her family for her husband’s job, she launched her own mediation company called MeD8 where she continues with her partners to cover a wide range of cases.  Dana also helps parents and teachers acquire mediation skills in international schools.
“I wanted to be a mom, I wanted to build a business, I am happy I could do both.”

Highlights from the episode

  • Building your network and community while moving to a new country and having children
  • How to start a business while pregnant
  • Advice on how to prepare your clients before taking your maternity leave
  • Building the right support system in your life and your business
  • Ensuring that you partner is involved in your success and wellbeing
  • Tips on how to build the balance between private life and your business
  • How to use technology to plan and prepare your business during maternity leave

“Focus on building true relationships and your clients will be there when you come back”

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