TN73: How to be in control of your life and career as an expat spouse – Amel Derragui

Are you an expat spouse who gave up your professional success to be with your partner and support his or her career abroad?

Do you feel stuck, confused or tired of living in constant transitions while searching for a source of stability and fulfillment for yourself?

You are not alone!

This week is a special episode recorded from above the clouds on my way from Hong Kong to Tokyo, Japan. My trip to Asia included a stop in Seoul where I held the second Tandem Nomads conference: From Expat Spouse to Global Entrepreneur. And if you couldn’t make it to the conference, this podcast will summarize what I presented during the conference on what to know and plan to be in control of your life and career as an expat spouse.

Highlights from the episode for expat spouses

After over 70 interviews with expat spouses from around the world for the podcast, I’m excited to share with you all the tips, advice and inspiration that I’ve learned. I’ve compiled my favorite clips from those interviews that speak about:

What it’s like to be an expat partner

“Expat life is a fantastic life opportunity but it is real life, the better prepared and in control you are the better the journey will be” (From Rachel Yates)

The challenges facing expat partner

“If you take care of your needs, everything falls into place around you.” (Rashmid Zimburg)

How to plan your expat journey so you are prepared and avoid the traps

“Be aware for your rights and duties at home and abroad even if you think you do not need it” (Amel)

The re-invention journey: How did other expat partners re-invent themselves?

“Invest in your personal and professional growth and capitalize on your existing skills” (Amel)

My personal tips and the advice I give to all expat spouses who want to build a portable career

  1. Don’t do it alone – find your community (Hint: there is one waiting for you here)
  2. Invest in your skills and passions to keep growing and learning
  3. Take the leap! Don’t make excuses. Start first – perfect later

Stay tuned for the next episode where I’ll give you my personal tips and practical tools you can use to build your portable career.

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