TN71: How to learn and embrace technology for your business – Ritu Banga

In this episode, we hear from Ritu Banga.  She shares her life story, how she dealt with the challenges of giving up a successful career and how to learn and embrace technology for your business.  Ritu grew up and studied in India where she launched her career in marketing and her consulting business before moving abroad. She and her family lived in UK, Belgium, Hong Kong and now the US.

While waiting for her visa and job approvals and moving from one country to another, she started volunteering with various schools and university boards. Her growing reputation and involvement in education led her to the board of the Asian University for Women Support Foundation, where she played an important role in launching the university in Bangladesh to empower young women in Asia.  Today she is co-founder of the startup  Zoomdojo, with Carol Rattray. Zoomdojo is a career resource designed to support students and recent graduates around the world with their entry into the employment market.

Highlights from Ritu’s Episode

  • How a short overseas assignment led to a longer career living abroad
  • How she dealt with the challenges of giving up a successful career
“First day abroad: kids go to school, husband goes to work, and I am home asking myself, ‘what just happened?”
  • Her feelings and how she felt when she first moved overseas
  • How volunteering can help expat partners who are constantly on the move
  • How volunteering experiences can turn it into an opportunity to create a business
“Ask yourself how will you reimagine yourself and start taking baby steps towards that”
  • How to learn about technology and embrace it to build a successful business

“Keep learning and improving, we are always in beta mode”

  • Her advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur
“Find a complementary partner to bounce off your ideas”

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