TN70: How to leave a legacy and be a great leader – Ruth Van Reken

In this episode, Ruth Van Reken shares her life story, how to leave a legacy and be a great leader.  Ruth is an American citizen and was raised in Nigeria. She is the co-author of the famous book among global families called Third Culture Kids: Growing up among Worlds.  A book designed to help TCKs, expat children and their parents with personal development and the identity issues that can arise from not belonging to one culture or one place.  She is also the author of Letters Never Sent: A global nomad’s journey from hurt to healing.

She is also the co-founder of the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) organization, a welcoming forum for globally mobile individuals, families, and those working with them.  It is a venture that started on a kitchen table and grew over the years with hundreds of members that connect across the world through its online platform and meet every year at the annual FIGT conference.

FIGT Conference: How to leave a legacy

Highlights from Ruth’s Episode on how to leave a legacy

  • Why and how she started building the FIGT tribe and writing the book on TCKs

“I didn’t know how difficult it would be but I always think we can get there”

  • How she grew the FIGT tribe over the years

“I’ve got the vision, but I need the people with the process”

  • How she managed to attract so many volunteer willing to be a part of FIGT

“When you include other people’s gifts, you get an amazing whole, don’t be afraid to make your tent bigger”

  • How FIGT grew through its various transitions

“It is important to define what is it really about to go through change and time”

  • What it is to be a tribe leader

“Make people feel welcome and lead by example”

  • How to build resilience and deal with those who don’t believe in you

“Don’t focus on those who don’t believe in you, focused on those you can help”

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