TN69: How to self-publish and crowdfund your book with Lisa Ferland

Lisa Ferland is American living in Sweden where she moved with her husband and started her family.  She is a public health consultant but along her journey in Sweden she developed her expertise in writing and publishing books.  She is the co-author and publisher of her first book Knocked Up Abroad, an anthology about the experiences of global moms and dads with birth and parenting across the world.  The success of her first book has led her to launch her second one, Knocked Up Aboard Again.  This time she had the creative idea to finance the publishing of the book through a crowdfunding campaign, using the platform, Kickstarter.  Lisa also regularly shares her stories and journey as a global mom on her blog

Since this episode was recorded, Lisa has launched her consulting business designed to help authors self-publish their books and crowdfund them. Check out her website here:

Knocked Up Abroad Lisa Ferland: How to self-publish and crowdfund     Knocked Up Abroad Again Lisa Ferland: How to self-publish and crowdfund

Glimpse into Lisa’s insights in this episode:

  • What are the different phases of publishing a book

It is very important that your book looks and feels professional

  • How to evaluate the costs and the price of a book

Build social proof of your book before you sell

  •  How to market and sell a book

Bring your book to the bookstore with some top critical reviews

  •  What is crowdfunding

When launching a book you never know in advance who you will be competing with for attention.

  • How to prepare a crowdfunding campaign

Plan every day of your book campaign in advance

Lisa’s Resources:

  • Click on the link above to download the list of resources on how to self-publish and crowdfund your book

Lisa’s recommended book:

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