TN65: Turning doubts into confidence to grow a career in global transition – Melissa Dalton-Bradford

In this episode, Melissa shares her inspiring story of how she turned her doubts into confidence to grow a career in global transition and reinvent herself while moving across the world twenty times with her husband and kids!

Melissa Dalton-Bradford was raised in Utah before becoming a true global citizen and a mother of 4 children.  She is a writer, holds a Bachelor in German and a Master in Literature.  Melissa has taught writing, humanities and language to university students.  She speaks, reads and writes fluent German, French, Norwegian and can also convert in Mandarin.  Melissa has performed professionally as a soprano soloist and actress in the US, Scandinavia, Central Europe and South East Asia.  She and her husband have raised their family in Vienna, Hong Kong, New York, Oslo, Paris, Munich, Singapore, Geneva and Frankfurt.

“To be successful, you need to believe in yourself”

Melissa is the author of the book “Global Mom, A Memoire” where she tells her journey living and raising 4 kids across the world.  Her second book is called “On Loss and Living Onward” where after experiencing the sad loss of her first-born son, she compiled the best resources that will guide the living through the process of grief.  Melissa also regularly counts her inspiring current journey on her blog Melissa Writes of Passage.

Melissa’s insights on how to grow a career in global transition

  • How to deal with having to start all over again in each country

 “When you move around the world, everything becomes disposable, except your relationships.”

  •  What has helped her be respected as a professional and build confidence

 “You define and portray yourself differently if you can say, here is my invoice.”

  • What helps her stay centered and grounded despite the stress of transitions and tough times

 “Define your family routines, values and stabilizing axes”.

  •  How to deal with being publicly vulnerable.

“Human beings connect on their broken edges, not on their shiny polished surfaces.”

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