TN64: Supporting special needs children when moving abroad – Tracey Ellis

Tracey Ellis is the co-founder and CEO of International Diagnostic Solutions (IDS), she is also an occupational therapist and disability analyst. Tracey has provided evaluation and treatment to children for over 20 years, and serves in several boards such as the Washington DC Health Professional Licensing Board. Her company International Diagnostic Solutions provides to global families educational and therapeutic solutions worldwide through online consultation, service, and program development.  In this episode she shares her tips and advice for supporting special needs children when moving from one country to another.

The sooner you identify the child’s special needs the better – Tracey Ellis

What you will hear in this episode:

  • How to define “children with special needs”
  • How to detect if a child has special needs
  • Identify the challenges when moving abroad and how to deal with them
  • How to find the right experts for a child’s special needs
  • How to prepare before moving abroad when having a child with special needs
  • Things to consider when choosing the right experts and schools for children with special needs
  • How to communicate a child’s special needs to new teachers and schools
  • How to know if an assignment abroad can be accepted or when to go back home because of a special needs child

Do not dismiss the feedback of those who spend time with your children and pay attention to potential signals of special needs – Tracey Ellis

Some advice shared in this episode:

  1. Do not ignore the issue
  2. Keep medical records handy where ever you move
  3. Make sure your child’s school has an “inclusion program and build a partnership with the school to provide special support for your child
  4. Do not hesitate to ask additional support from your employer

Reach out for help and ask questions early enough – Tracey Ellis

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To find some developmental milestones from age 0 to 5:

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