TN6: How do they call us? Terminology of the expat partner.

When the idea of addressing expat partners’ challenges through a podcast show started growing in my head, I needed to find some validation that I was on the right track and that there was a real demand for this topic. Therefore, the first think I did was to check the topic on Google!

When I put my fingers on top of they keyboard, I immediately stumbled with this question: what keywords should I write to mention women and men who follow their partners for job assignments abroad?

I then decided to keep it simple, I typed “follow husband abroad”.  I was far from imagining that this was going to be the start of a real journey!

The first term that seems so obvious to me now but wasn’t at that time was the term “expat“. I share with you in this episode the definition that I decided to settle on after giving it some real thoughts.

Then, came up all types of terminology to particularly designate women and men who follow their partner in expatriation.

In this episode, I will share with the most most common terms and share my opinion on each of them.

I would be curious to know what would be your take on the matter. Feel free to give your opinion in the comments section below!

Help your expat friends who might need inspiration to turn the challenges of relocation into great opportunities for them.

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