TN59: Career tips for expat partners – Best of Series

Pursuing a career while moving from a country to another is indeed one of the most difficult challenges for expat partners. And it is also one of the main topics of Tandem Nomads, so I have to say that it was very difficult to pick just 4 extracts from all previous episodes that can be valuable to you, because all the guests on Tandem Nomads shared some amazing inspiration regarding this topic, so if you haven’t already, I really hope you will take the chance to listen to the past and future episodes on a regular basis if you are looking for solutions to build your portable career.

For this episode, what I tried to do, is to select some of the factual points and advice that I think every expat partner should consider when they feel lost with their career and when they are working on building a portable career.

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We will start with Marilyn Gardner is a clinical nurse liaison, consultant and author of the blog and the book Communicating Across Boundaries. Her profile is very interesting as she managed to blend her nursing profession with her multicultural background to create a career that is very unique, as she helps doctors and patients from different cultures communicate more efficiently. In this extract, you will hear some of her important insights on what it takes to go through that career transformation. Marilyn has shared so much valuable advice in her interview that I had to divide this interview into two parts. Check these episodes on and

Now, here is the extract with Asetila Koestinger, she is a consultant in business and international development. Asetila is a real hustler, always looking to improve her skills and create opportunities wherever she goes. I think what she shares here is so crucial to many expat partners, she shares about how she managed to fit in professionally, gain new skills and develop her business one country after the other. Check out the full version of Asetila’s inspiring but also really fun interview on

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Anna Sparks is an expat partner from the USA and this is just a glimpse of the powerful tips she provides on how to write the resume that will get you the job you want. If you haven’t updated your resume for a while, which I know so many of us are in this situation, and if you are looking to apply for a position, you absolutely have to check out the full version of this episode on

To give you some tips on how to master at a networking event, I invited Stephanie Ward, from Fire Fly Coaching, she is a marketing and business mentor. I can tell you that she is one of the greatest networker I have ever met! In this extract she shares with you how she does it, and the first question I ask her, is how to answer when people ask you “What do you do?” A question that I know a lot of expat partner struggle with when they are not stabilized in the career, it is the question. Check out the full version of this episode with even more insights on

stephanie ward, networking tips, how to answer the question what do you do

I hope that you will take full advantage of these powerful tips and also  share this episode with the friends and expat partners you care about!

Also, get ready for the next episode, as we will continue to talk about portable careers, but more on an entrepreneurial aspect, we will figure out together what does it take to build a portable business.

Stay tuned to turn your challenges into great opportunities!

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