TN57: Identity Week – Best of Series

Building a strong identity and self-confidence is probably the central piece of what is often at the origin of expat partners challenges when moving from a country to another.

In the episode 51, we talked a lot about the general challenges of defining home and our identity when living on the move and adapting to so many different cultures.

In the particular case of expat spouses, identity has a lot to do with finding on top of that the balance between being a parent, and particularly a mom, dedicating time for the family while trying to pursue our own dreams, aspirations, careers and building a strong self-confidence.

In this episode, I have chosen some extracts that explain really well where this challenge comes from, but also some great insights and important advice to turn this challenge into great opportunities.

Evelyn Simpson

We start with Evelyn Simpson, an ex banker, expat partner and co-founder of the coaching company, Thriving Abroad. In the extract of her interview, you will have a glimpse on some important advice she shares on the importance to not bury your own needs, even if you decide to give up your career when moving abroad. To find out more about Evelyn and her great insights in the full version of this episode, go to

Kristin Louise Duncombe explains why she insists on using the term “trailing” and how she managed to build her self-confidence over the years, even if the first years she really felt that she was indeed just “trailing” along. Kristin is a psychotherapist and the author of “Trailing: a memoire” and “Five flights: Sex, love and family”. In the full version of her two-part interview, Kristin takes us through the really tough journey she has experienced and how she managed despite that to find her source of happiness. To know all about it go to and

Kristin Louise Duncombe

Rashmi Zimburg

Rashmi Aggarwala Zimburg is an ex business consultant, an expat partner and a coach. She shares in this extract some of her challenges giving up her career goals, building her identity while taking care of her family and how she managed to reinvent herself and her skills along the way. She shares even more details about it on

Lisa Webb is the blogger of Canadian Expat Mom and author of the books series The Kids who travel the World. She also put together the anthology Once Upon an Expat, a book with fascinating stories from 39 expat women across the world. In this extract, Lisa tells us about her journey to finding her identity and balance between being a mom and building a professional career. You can also know more about it on

Lisa Webb

After this episode, Lisa gave me the opportunity and extreme honor of writing a chapter of the anthology Once Upon an Expat. In this chapter, that I called Lost and Found Between Homeless and Homefull, I write about my journey defining home. This book is a collection of inspiring stories from expats who share their adventures and very moving stories across the globe.

If you are looking for a fun book to read, relax and relate to your own stories, get it now with a simple click here! Also, know that if you purchase this book, you will participate to a really important cause, as all the proceeds will be donated to Books Abroad, an NGO that supports literacy in the developing world.

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