TN56: The one thing that every expat partner must know.

Hello Nomad Nation, I hope that you enjoyed your summer break!

As I took the time to rest, enjoy family time but also reflect on my own path as an expat partner and reflect on all previous Tandem Nomads episodes, I realized something very important that I share with you in this episode (press play to know all about it!).

In fact, as you know, one of my main focus through Tandem Nomads is to provide all the inspiration and tips for expat partners who feel the need to build their own source of fulfillment and portable career while moving from a country to another.

So after reflecting a lot on this topic, I realized something that can seem quite obvious but so crucial for expat partners career abroad, and yet very often this is the exact thing that causes an important loss of confidence and strong identity for a lot of expat partners. In this episode, I share with you what for me is the secret and first step to finding a purpose and building a successful  portable career.

expat partner, portable career, trailing spouse.

I will share with you the concept of the “Zone of Genius” and some tips to find yours.

Along our journey together on Tandem Nomads, I continue to provide you with the ideas and exercises that will help you transfer your talents into a portable career.

Here is an important message though: TAKE ACTION!

Don’t let time and your important role as a mom and dedicated wife to prevent you from taking responsibility for your own happiness. If you listened to most Tandem Nomads podcast episodes, your know that the majority of these inspiring expat partners are very busy moms and spouses, and yet, they invested the necessary energy and ressources in their personal and professional development while moving from a country to another and taking care of their families.

So take responsibility! You can already start now by a simple click here to sign up to the newsletter so that I can provide you on a regular basis with all the guidance you will need to turn your wishes to build something for yourself into reality!

Nomad nation, “see you very soon” and stay tuned to turn your challenges into great opportunities!



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