TN55: Mindfulness Week – Best of Series

When we go through so many transitions and change, I really think that it is very important to learn how to deal with our emotions and believes to make the best of each experience, even the most challenging ones. I have selected for you some of the best insights that have been shared by previous guests on Tandem Nomads. You will discover how mindfulness can be practiced and be helpful in many different difficult situations.

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Let’s start with one of the main challenge we discuss in Tandem Nomads, building our source of fulfillment as expat partners through a portable career. In this extract from episode 21, Jodi Harris shares how she practiced mindfulness to handle her identity and career challenges when she moved abroad with her husband. Jodi is the founder of World Tree Coaching, she helps expats find the balance they need to enjoy their life abroad. Jodi shares so many more valuable insights of how she managed to build her portable career and deal some very challenging moments of her life in the full version of this episode, to get some great inspiration from her check out this episode on

We have another example of how mindfulness can be practiced in a situation that every expat goes through, the crazy days before and after a move. Leah Evans shares some really good tips here to include the whole family in making the best of these times. Leah is also an expat partner who managed to build a great a portable business; she founded After School Plans that provides fun resources, classes, and games to expat children. Leah is also the editor of the book she mentions in this extract “Raising kids in the Foreign Service“. In the episode 25, Leah tells us more about her journey living abroad but also about how she built her portable business, you can get some inspiration from her story on

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Now, here is an example from episode 20 of some effective exercises to practice mindfulness, it is a method called Personal Leadership or PL that Pari Namazie explains us here. Pari is a great friend and an intercultural management specialist; she is also the Managing partner of the consulting firm Atieh International. As I have experienced it myself, I can tell you that once you start practicing PL, it makes a huge difference in the day to day life and the way we deal with some of the frustrations that can stop us from evolving in our personal lives and careers. I really encourage you to check out the full version of this episode, where Pari explains in more details how to practice Personal Leadership, check it out on

Speaking of practicing mindfulness, here is an example where you realize that if you take the habit to do it regularly, you can develop the right natural reaction when cases of extreme emergencies happen. Sundae bean is an intercultural specialist and an expat coach. She will share some amazing insights on how she dealt with one crisis after another when she moved to Burkina Faso, a country that unfortunately was challenged months after month with various health, political and security crisis. Sundae is full of great resources for expats who get stuck with their careers or with difficult situations related to expatriation, get inspired and check them out on

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