TN54: Nomad Couples Week – Best of Series

Last week, was Gentlemen’s Week where I interviewed male expat partners. Additionally to sharing their experience adjusting their careers to their spouse’s, many of them also shared some great inspiration on how to be happy in a relationship. This week we continue along this topic with the Nomad Couples Week, we discuss tips and insights on how to keep a healthy relationship while moving from a country to another.

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This first extract is from the episode 11 with Jodi Ballard. Jody is an expat partner who managed to build an inspiring portable business, as a therapist, author, speaker and founder of the Women Heritage Walk. In the full version of this episode, Jodi tells us more about her career journey while traveling the world, she shares some really inspiring insights and tells us about how she created the Women Heritage Walk, a fascinating annual project where women cross the desert in the United Arab Emirates from Al Ain to Abu Dabhi. Check this episode on

We will then hear Helene Reiter share her experience. The episode with her is quite a unique episode because it is the only interview I did with both partners at the same time. In fact, they both alternatively gave up their jobs to follow the other. We actually had the chance to hear her husband’s experience in last week’s Gentlemen’s Best of series. Helene is now the HR manager at the Shanghai American School. In this extract, she shares here her perspective of a healthy relationship when living this nomadic lifestyle. Helene and Manfred have a fascinating story and great tips to share on how they kept their relationship strong despite the challenges they had, you can check it out on

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This is my dear friend Katja Tschoepe from the episode 12. Katja is an expat partner and communications controlling consultant; she is also now launching a new exciting startup in the collaborative space. I’ve always admired Katja not only for being a true feminist and women’s rights defender, but also for making sure to apply her believes to her own life. You will be able to hear in this extract how. This conversation came up when Katja and I were discussing the pros and cons of working from home, which was the topic of this episode 12. In fact, a lot of portable careers involve working from home and we have to be careful to set strict rules to not get distracted with all the domestic and family tasks. If you are also working from home you might enjoy some of the great other tips Katja shares with us on

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