TN53: Gentlemen’s Week – Best of series

It is Gentlemen’s week!! Best of series with short extracts from previous interviews of male “Trailing spouses”, or as I prefer to say male expat partners.

They will share with us in just few minutes how they perceive their role as expat partners and how they manage to maintain their careers while following their spouses abroad. We will see that most challenges are definitely very similar to female expat spouses; however, you will notice in these short extracts some differences compared to the ladies I interviewed. We might indeed have few things to learn from our male friends 😉

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The first extract we are going to hear is from Jeremy Piccoli, episode 42, an international tax expert who works for the global mobility consulting company, AIRINC. He managed to keep his job while joining his spouse for her assignment in Switzerland, he tells us how. Jeremy wrote an interesting blog post about the resistance of certain expat spouses’ clubs to integrate men. This is an issue that I heard of on many occasions. However, Jeremy explains in details in the full version of this episode why this isn’t according to him such a big issue. Also, the main purpose of the episode 42 was to use his expertise to bring us guidance on how to plan our taxes and expat packages when accepting a job assignment abroad, it is an episode full of important tips to know, so please make sure to check it out on

You will then hear the testimonial of Igor Koscak from the episode 19, he shares his experience as he decided to quit a great engineering position in a major German automotive company to join his future wife wherever her career would take her. I have to say this episode is one of my favorites, as Igor has such a positive energy and shares with us his emotions so generously and openly. I also recommend to listen to the full episode if you or a friend of yours is looking for a job abroad, he brought up some really great points that can be helpful in this search, check it out on

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The next one is Manfred Girkinger, episode 35, a quite unique episode, as it is the only interview I managed to organize with both partners at the same time. They both alternatively gave up their jobs to follow the other. We will hear Helen Reiter, his wife, who shared her story in another best of series. But you already might want to know that she joined him the first time in South Africa where is has been living for 15 years. After a couple of years, she decided she wanted to go back home as she couldn’t find a job there that made her happy. In this extract we focus on Manfred’s testimonial on how he experienced giving up his successful business in South Africa to join Helen back to Austria where they both originally comes from. I really enjoyed every bit of what Manfred and Helen shared about their experience in the full version of this episode, great insights on how to keep a relationship healthy in these circumstances, you can find it on

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Last but not least, you will hear is a glimpse on Oliver Caudron’s interview in episode 5. Olivier is a life coach. He actually coached me when I arrived in New York and this how I got to meet him! He takes us through his journey how he went from being an actor and theater director to becoming a life coach. He also explains in this extract his perspective on his position as an expat partner. Olivier shares some great practical tips for expat partner who go through career transitions, or want to find their source of happiness. Check out this episode on

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