TN51: Global Nomads Week – Best of Series

In this Best of Series, I will share with you extracts from the first season’s episodes. Each series is dedicated to a specific topic.

In this series we focus on topics related to being a Global Nomad, like adapting to new cultures, building a sense of home when moving regularly from a country to another or dealing with some of the challenges that go with it.

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We start with Alison Trainer, a talented Soprano singer and the founder of the private Facebook Group Grumpy Expat. She helps us understand some of the frustrations that expats can experience abroad and how she decided to address this issue. To listen to the full episode where Alison tells us more about her experience and how she created Grumpy Expat go to

expat partner, expat partner's survival guide, living abroad, culture shock, expats.

We also have extracts with Clara Wiggins, a global nomad who lived across 5 continents and 11 countries. Among many things, she is the author of a great book that I highly recommend that is called the Expat Partner’s Survival Guide. As she has researched this topic for her book, I asked her to help us define Culture Shock and give us some tips on how to deal with it. Clara Wiggins shares with us many more great tips in the episode 4 to identify culture shock and deal with it, she also shares with us her own experience with culture shock in the different countries she lived, so don’t hesitate to listen to the full episode on

I am Triangle, global nomads, living abroad, expats, finding home, defining home.

Naomi Hattaway is the founder of 8th and Home, a housing company for expats around the world. She is also the founder of for the movement I am Triangle, a Facebook group that counts over 5000 members and that keeps growing everyday. The group is designed to bring comfort and sense of belonging to those who traveled fare from home and don’t feel home anymore once they come back. I love Naomi’s positive energy and wisdom, she has many more stories and insights to share on the full version of her episode that you can find on

Global Living Magazine, Global nomads, expat, living abroad, culture shock, expat partners.

Last but not least, here is a little glimpse of my conversation with Alison Cavatore, a TCK, global nomad and founder of Global Living Magazine. We discussed the specificities of having a global living lifestyle and why do expats tend to stick together no matter which country they move to, although their expat friends may be from different countries too. I was also asking Alison about her fascinating background and the great story of how she created Global Living Magazine, you can find about more on

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