TN5: “Don’t rush, first define clearly what you want.” Olivier Caudron – New York.

Olivier Caudron comes from Belgium, with his partner he lived in Portugal, Italy, Spain and now in New York. After graduating from drama school, Olivier worked for a number of years as a theater actor and director, specializing in movement and improvisational theatre. During these years of relocation, he progressively made some very interesting changes in his life and his career. He moved from directing to coaching, from guiding actors on the stage to supporting individuals’ development.

Olivier is a personal coach, he helps expat partners cope with the challenges of relocation, perfect their skills, reveal their inner strengths and achieve their professional but also their personal goals. For 2 years, he was also the elected chairman of the New York Expatriate Spouses Association. Which among diverse missions helps the spouses of UN expat employees find a job.

I found Olivier on LinkedIn as I was looking for a personal coach. In fact, as soon as I arrived in New York I decided to invest in my own personal development. I would definitely recommend his services if you need a little push to take your life to the next level.

Glimpse on Olivers’s insights:

  • Take the time to understand what you profoundly need or want, do not rush into quick decisions; they might get you to more frustrations!
  • Use the skills of a coach or any kind of support that could help you overcome the challenges of relocation by discovering all your assets and opportunities that you might not see.
  • Do not remain alone, spend the time to network, join associations or communities with like-minded people.

Olivier’s habits in relocation:

  • Walking in the streets of the new city
  • Reading about the city and discovering its history

Olivier’s recommended online resources:

Olivier’s recommended books:

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Help your expat friends who might need inspiration to turn the challenges of relocation into great opportunities for them.

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