TN49: How to launch a business starting from scratch in a new country, with Bérengère Ferrier.

Our guest today is Bérengère Ferrier, she is an expert in marketing communications and will share with us some great tips on how to establish a business and find your first clients when you just arrive in a new country.

For over 6 years, Bérengère worked in the city of Lyon for a leading French advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi, and successfully managed advertising campaigns for major global brands.

When her boyfriend, who later became her husband, was offered to move to California for a great job opportunity, despite the successful career path Bérengère was having, she didn’t hesitate to quit her job and join her boyfriend in this adventure.

When they arrived to LA in 2013, she started doing some freelancing and her pool of clients has rapidly grown. Today, she has her own agency in strategy and marketing advising, her company is called CREAVILIA. In addition to her agency, Bérengère also co-founded the French Cluster; which is a pool of experts that help French entrepreneurs settle their new life or business in California.

Glimpse on Bérengère insights in this episode:

  • The risks she was evaluating when she took the decision to quit her job.
  • How she prepared for her move to California.
  • How she grew her network and business.
  • What is, according to her, the secret of her success.

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