TN42: What to know about your expat package and taxes abroad.

Jeremy Piccoli has some great insights to share with us as a male trailing spouse but also as a professional who helps companies plan expat packages for their employees.

Jeremy comes from the US and is now an expat partner living in Basel, Switzerland. He used to work for the International Assignment Services group of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Boston before he joined the company AIRINC as a Tax Manager providing tax data and consulting to multinational companies. When his wife was offered an opportunity to move to Switzerland for a one to 2 years assignment, Jeremy managed to negotiate with his employer to work from Basel, which came with the added benefit of servicing their European client base from the same time zone.

The AIRINC Company is specialized in providing Housing, Cost of Living, Hardship, Tax and other global mobility data and advisory services to multinational companies.

Glimpse on Jeremy’s insights in this episode:

  • What are the important things that companies and employees should consider before they sign the assignment agreement.
  • How can companies make sure to have equitable and transparent expat packages.
  • What are the type of packages that exist for expat employees.
  • What are the tax regulations and important things that expats should know before they more abroad.
  • What are the services and compensations that are most often offered to expat partners by employers.
  • What was his experience like as a male trailing spouse in Switzerland.  Read his blog post: Life as a Trailing Spouse in Basel, Switzerland

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