TN37: Andrea Martins, expat partner and Startup addict. Queensland – Australia

Andrea Martins comes from Australia. She gave up her head-office government career to follow her husband abroad and lived for nearly 10 years moving from Indonesia, Mexico and Malaysia. Today she is back to Australia.

While relocating with her husband she started her fascinating serial entrepreneurial journey. Andrea is the co-founder of the famous online platform called (click to check this interesting article!). Her website had such a great success that she managed to sell it with a 6-figure deal.

After this great achievement with the plateform Expat Women, who would have thought that Andrea would have issues finding a job once back home? This situation has led her to create another company called Story Résumés, an online service designed to help job seekers get noticed with infographics and illustrated résumés.

Andrea became through the years what she calls a StartUp addict and co-founded a third company called GreenSocks, which is like an Uber service for lawn mowing.

Andrea also co-wrote this book for expat women, click below to check it out!

Expat Women: Confessions

Glimpse on some of Andrea’s insights:

  • How she co-founded her first company and then sold it for 6 figures.
  • Why she struggled finding a job after selling her first company.
  • How she turned her struggles to find a job into a creative idea to start a second startup, Story Résumés.
  • How she created her 3rd startup, GreenSocks.
  • What are her key tips to launch a Startup.

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